Information and Nature Analogy

If you're the only one who knows it and don't spread it, it will die, like a rare bird that didn't find its partner to reproduce and becomes extinct. It could even be a really innovative and striking idea, a new species of a bird, but thanks to your failure in sharing it, the result of millions of years of evolution would be thrown away.

However, some kinds of information are like viruses, and shouldn't be spread. They reproduce easily but pollutes the air and time, bringing difficulties for the info that really matters to reproduce in everyone else's minds.

Gossip, per example, is clearly classified as a virus information.
We have news channels that work like an abundant virus source, and those should be fought against, or ignored.

But you have to pay attention. Most of the times, viruses are not so easy to spot. They sound and look like authentic good information, but are actually fake, or misleading.

Jesus, for example, came up with a lot of new ideas, spreading love and comprehension. Centuries later, the very same words were used by some people to spread intolerance and persecution.

At the time you write or speak something, you may be starting a chain reaction. If your audience absorbs what you said, it will probably share it with someone else and this can last forever, literally. So take care on what you receive and what you give.

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