My two cents about, Facebook and Social Networks

Ello is an evolution of Facebook because it isn't evil. It doesn't sell our info/profiles to advertisers without our agreement. Facebook indeed has a checkbox that you have to click to register, that supposedly means that we agree with all the policies and things they do to us. However, nobody really cares what is written in any of these terms of service, they just click the damn checkbox and register, just to be able to communicate with all their friends that are reachable by Facebook's services.

Nobody really agrees with all these Terms and Conditions. They just want to use the service, and to do that, they click any checkbox they are given.

However, there's still lots to evolve. I don't think this model of having a Wall, and being pushed to publish your life to everyone is healthy. Neither is healthy this encouragement to create this eternal bonds, when you click "follow" or "add as a friend". Social relationships don't work this way. In the past, we had just a phonebook, or an electronic organizer, and when we needed or wanted to have contact with someone, we would go there and talk to them. When these people changed their phone numbers, they would call everyone that mattered and ask them to update their phonebooks/organizers. I don't want to sound nostalgic. I just think that technology brought us new powers to communicate, but the excess of contact is making things worse.

Social Networks seemed to be more healthy, at least in a way, when we just had phonebooks and electronic organizers.

Social networks are awesome to make people self-sufficient in regards of being aware of what happens in the world. Most of the press are just texts that agree with what their advertisers think, or want people to think. And making press less powered is what social networks should be built for. Also should be built to help people work together, like the so cool Open Source Projects we see out there, that unites great people from countries so far from each other. Social networks shouldn't be built to make people even more concerned with what others think about them, and waste their time trying to show how good their life is, or how interesting they are. Social networks neither should be built to make people judge each other even more, while they watch what others publish.

Some Facebook-like websites push people to publish their lives to everyone, and that stimulates people to judge each other even more than they were used to, before this kind of interaction existed.

I think Ello is still not what I would like to have as a tool for enhancing Social Networks. I think Whatsapp is closer to the real deal, than all of these Facebook-like websites.